Job: Web Application Developer (Intern)

Job Description
We are looking for a web application developer who is willing to work on an internship arrangement, with a view to future employment.
Skills Required:
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Some small experience coding Python and/or Perl will be an added advantage
  • Knowledge of HeiTML ( will give you a 50% boost over every other applicant. In fact you’re guaranteed to get the position if you can prove knowledge of it.
Application process is simple. The first step is simply to assess your ability. Don’t worry about your CV and your other qualifications. Although you MUST have a National ID (the new Uganda….)
Send an email to with a ONE-PAGE cover letter introducing yourself and your skills as an attachment (PDF, ODT, DOCX) plus either:
(a) a Google Drive Folder link to a sample application you’ve written.
(b) (even better) a link to a github (or other SCM) repository showing source code you’ve written.
I’m not bothered by whether the code works or not, but the quality of the code (which is subjective I know) but let’s say I’ll look at some of the following:
  • how readable the code is,
  • use of data structures
  • how you use classes
  • how you use functions
  • code comments
But in the long run, the following cartoon will show the biggest metric I’ll use is the WTFs/min metric:
Please note that the first assessment for this position will be your ability to follow instructions as well as if you are able to express yourself concisely and clearly!
Initial arrangement will be on an internship basis with an allowance. If that is successful, then a decent remuneration contract will be agreed between yourself and the company.
Working hours
Flexible. You will be required to be mostly available 8am-5pm, but there will be flexibility for you to work from home when needed, or off-site. An internet connection will be provided.